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Benefits of working with Texas Quest Capital

Texas Quest Capital

Benefits of working with Texas Quest Capital

Texas Quest Capital is made up of a select few real estate investors and lenders with over 35 years of industry experience. We truly understand the unique challenges and demands that a real estate investor is faced with. When you pair our real estate investing experience with our quick, simple and flexible real estate investor loans, you not only gain a reliable funding source – but a valuable business partner and resource that can be a vital asset to your real estate team.

  • We want to be your ‘go-to” private lender! We are looking to develop long term relationships with quality borrowers and be an integral part of their real estate team.
  • With Texas Quest Capital, you get to deal directly with the decision makers, no waiting on loan committee meetings for approval decisions.
  • One of Texas Quest Capital’s biggest benefits is our ability to close your loan quickly! Typically less than 5-7 business days!
  • Our goal is to create “win-win” funding opportunities with our borrowers.
  • We can offer more creative funding options than our larger competitors. Such as all fees and points paid on the back end of your deal, wrapping interest payments into the loan, and other creative funding solutions to reduce cash needed to do a deal.
  • Our flexible loan structures result in lower out of pocket cost required from our borrowers. We have many investors who end up bringing little to no cash to close on their deals!


Texas Quest Capital is a great source for short-term real estate investor loans. We have the expertise as lenders as well as investors to make you even greater returns on your capital. Give us a call today, to discuss your project or deal and experience the Texas Quest Capital difference!

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