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CRITERIA Loan Criteria

Texas Quest Capital Loan Criteria

Working with a professional Private Lender like Texas Quest Capital allows you to effectively scale your real estate investing business by leveraging other people’s money to fund your real estate deals.

Texas Quest Capital’s simple loan criteria streamlines the process of funding your next deal, allowing us to be more flexible and quicker with closings. Take a look at our simple underwriting criteria:

  • 1 – 4 single family residential units.
  • Non – Owner Occupied.
  • 70% loan to value of After Repaired Value (ARV) for most real estate.
  • Property value independently determined by Appraisal, or in some cases a BPO.
  • Construction funds held in escrow, released upon completion and inspection.
  • Loan servicer will administer construction reserves.
  • All loans will be closed at a Title Company.
  • All loans must have Lenders Title Policy.
  • All loans will have appropriate Builders Risk/Hazard Insurance in place.
  • We will review credit reports, but they will not be primary factor for loan approval.
  • Personal Guarantee from Borrower or 3rd  party.
  • Experienced borrowers or working with an experienced contractor/team.
  • Some loans may benefit from cross collateral using another non owner occupied property, subordinate seller carryback or a credit partner.


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